The staff of Seahorse Holidays always has a warm welcome for guests and they do their best to ensure that everyone has a fantastic holiday.

Mehmet Avcu - is the Seahorse Diving Centre's chief diving instructor and one of our guides. He has been diving both professionally and for pleasure. Since 1981 he has led over 6000 divers on a wide variety of dives. Mehmet has also taught more than 500 aspiring divers, helping them obtain PADI and CMAS qualifications.

Jane Carr - qualified as a PADI and SSI instructor in England, she previously completed one, two and three star CMAS qualifcations in Turkey. As a highly experienced trainer, she has a very clear presentation style and has gained a reputation for creating a relaxed environment ensuring that students achieve their goals.
Jane is a really likeable person and has become friends to so many of the guests. As a result a great number return year after year.

Luna - A firm favourite with the guests. Here we can see Betty heading off on one of her daily boat rides!

Seahorse Personel
Mehmet Avcu
Jane CARR, Owner,PADI and SSI instructor.Very good  try dive and children entertainer.
Mutlu Günay
Aydın Dönmez
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